R.A. The Rugged Man and his Father Staff Sgt. Thorburn, John A. An AOR exclusive video Спампаваць

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  • 6 янв. 2009 г.

  • An AOR exclusive video with R.A. The Rugged Man and his late great father. SSG John A. Thorburn. Rest in Peace. http://www.artofrhyme.com


  • David Spain
    David Spain 6 лет назад

    its clear how proud of his family his father is. no wonder ra speaks so highly of him.

  • e
    e 4 года назад


  • Brick's Toilet Store
    Brick's Toilet Store 4 года назад

    I already had alot of respect for this man simply based in what R.A. had to say about him. But when he talked about his kids and said that God gave him his kids in that condition and that God put them in a place where they would be loved, I got a little choked up. That is a man who loves his kids with a perfect love. Wish I could have met this man.

  • gesppi fenucchi
    gesppi fenucchi 6 лет назад


  • cottonzway
    cottonzway 5 лет назад

    This video brings up good memories.  I was there the night this was filmed.  It was in Allentown, PA at an underground show hosted by King Magnetic.  It was an amazing night.  I was right in front of RA during all of that.  Got to meet his pops too.  Good memories for sure.  

  • HereComesHerpes
    HereComesHerpes 6 лет назад

    RIP original rugged man

  • revolverAE86
    revolverAE86 5 лет назад

    his dad is a badass..

  • MMBNMalternateaccoun
    MMBNMalternateaccoun 5 лет назад

    I just realized his dad was the intro for the daddys halo song on the legends never die album..

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 3 года назад

    Uncommon Valor blew my mind

  • Rob
    Rob 1 месяц назад

    Everything about this video is so amazing. I love the way Mr. Thorburn talks so highly of his family and the way he looks back on his life. The shots of Rugged Man hyping up the crowd and having a fun time. Rugged Man and his father are both legends. Peace, Respect, and Love!

  • ODie
    ODie 5 месяцев назад

    The way he talked about his kids with disabilities absolutely warmed my heart R.I.P. Mr. Thorburn

  • Afflicted Knowledge
    Afflicted Knowledge 10 лет назад

    R.I.P. Staff Sgt. John A. Thorburn he raised one of the best and his story inspired one of the illest verses of all time.

  • Agrat BatMahlat
    Agrat BatMahlat 11 лет назад


  • MelanCholyGhost6
    MelanCholyGhost6 6 лет назад

    4:08 Sampled I think you guys know where that came from! Song was such a tearjerker! It makes me wish I would spend more time with my father.

  • JokerBubbaKush420
    JokerBubbaKush420 7 лет назад

    0:12-1:12 is the best flow ive heard in a long time now that's hip hop! he broke three different styles an told a story in the end shits sic hahaha

  • whatgrindsmygears
    whatgrindsmygears 7 лет назад

    R.A had SO much love for his dad. It was heartbreaking when he announced he'd passed away on stage. Uncommon Valor Is just so unbelievably REAL, the flow, the lines, wow

  • Collin Holdfield
    Collin Holdfield 7 лет назад

    Daddy's Halo gave me chills, amazing shit rest in peace Sgt Thorburn

  • ChevyHead
    ChevyHead 11 месяцев назад

    I made my psn name after his to Honor him i think about a year before he passed RA found out threw nikkis boyfriend (RAs younger sister) the family was in shock a high school dedicated his PSN name to their dad/husband etc Rip John A Thorburn

  • Leonardo Copeland
    Leonardo Copeland 8 лет назад

    I can see where R.A. got his trueness "Making love is a lot harder then making war.. making war is easy"- John A. Thorburn

  • biggreg77
    biggreg77 10 лет назад

    Staff Sgt. Thorburn, John A. 21 gun salute R.I.P.