R.A. the Rugged Man - Holla-Loo-Yuh ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko REACTION!!! Спампаваць

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  • 10 сент. 2016 г.

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  • Ryuksgelus
    Ryuksgelus 3 года назад

    RA is mad famous for being unknown.

  • Anton 'Molen' Koev
    Anton 'Molen' Koev 3 года назад

    react to Uncommon Valor I bet youll be without words

  • kublaikhan1215
    kublaikhan1215 3 года назад

    it's R A The Rugged Man seriously! He was Biggies friend back in the day!

  • Hugh Jorgen
    Hugh Jorgen 2 года назад

    R.A. been around since the early 90s. Underground Legend!!!

  • Sarg Barz
    Sarg Barz 3 года назад

    SHOUTS OUT TO MY PATRON David for requesting this!

  • RmR Reviews ITA
    RmR Reviews ITA 3 года назад

    R.A. is a legend, only white rapper to collaborate with Biggie and the Wu Tang

  • skateboardfilms1
    skateboardfilms1 3 года назад

    Definition of a Rap Flow - R.A. the Rugged Man PLEASE

  • Gremlin Napoleon
    Gremlin Napoleon 3 года назад

    R.A sent me here! He loves you dude!!!

  • Greg
    Greg 3 года назад

    "uncommon valor" by r.a.rugged man best ever

  • Acin101
    Acin101 3 года назад

    Sarg Barz, please react to Busta Rhymes ft Eminem "Calm Down".

  • Darren Hinrichsen
    Darren Hinrichsen 3 года назад

    something cool if you didn't know krizz kalico actually has vitiligo on his eye lids

  • TheCarter117 Gaming
    TheCarter117 Gaming 3 года назад

    R.A. has been around for a LONG time! But mostly in the underground! He even did a song with B.I.G....

  • Tom Scientific
    Tom Scientific 3 года назад

    a reaction to Uncommon Valor by Rugged Man would be epic.

  • BigDOuble OG
    BigDOuble OG 3 года назад

    Rittz - Say No More (Feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko)

  • Bess Bessende
    Bess Bessende 3 года назад

    React to TECH N9NE - TOO MUCH

    xxGALACTIKWARxx 3 года назад

    Best reaction ever just earned a new sub good job man ...love the passion you have

  • HudzHebz
    HudzHebz 3 года назад

    since u done 2 rugged trax i had to sub. plz do uncommon valor! R.A's verse is one of the greatest of all time period bro!!

  • Richard Schmidt
    Richard Schmidt 3 года назад (изменено)

    Hahaha, love your reactions! Keep on the great work bro. And give A-F-R-O a go. This dude is crazy... and R.A.'s disciple :D

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L 2 недели назад

    2020!! Best reactor on YT!

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook Год назад

    He did a song I think that was called, "the Rugged Man" and it kinda' stuck as part of his name. It's the INITIALS, "R.A" (R-A), The Rugged Man.