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  • 11 нояб. 2013 г.

  • During the A3C we caught up with R.A. The Rugged Man at Criminal Records. Watch our convo with him as he shares some great hip hop stories with us. R.A. shares his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, Kanye West's 'Yeezus', and Jay-Z. Shout out to the folks at Criminal Records (http://www.criminalatl.com) in Atlanta for allowing us to shoot there! To be a part of the Dead End Hip Hop Movement, simply SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Thank you! Visit the site: http://www.deadendhiphop.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/deadendhiphop Follow us on Twitter: @iammodestmedia, @kbinge, @mykectown, @beezy430, @feefo247, @sairemusic, @deadendhiphop, @askdehh


  • theneedledrop
    theneedledrop 6 лет назад


  • OMAR
    OMAR 6 лет назад

    R.A. The Rugged Man = Rap Game Sylvester Stallone 

  • Canadian Supplement Reviews
    Canadian Supplement Reviews 6 лет назад

    Myke was completely mesmerized by RA lol such a cool dude.

  • Iam RiSkO
    Iam RiSkO 6 лет назад

    "Lazy Jay-z...average kanye" - R.A The Rugged Man

  • Julian Bell
    Julian Bell 4 года назад

    Hes right about the state of modern hip hop. Old man Jay-Z, old man Eminem, mediocre Kanye, and soft Drake run the game. That's why Kendrick sounds like a god. Don't get me wrong, I love K Dot, but RA is right.

  • Lynxchillin93
    Lynxchillin93 4 года назад

    I'm so glad that Masta Ace has a larger fanbase than I thought, the guy is a legend in Hip Hop. Extremely underrated !!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 года назад

    Looks like Sylvester Stallone, sounds like Robert De Niro

  • skatebelt
    skatebelt 6 лет назад

    Omg Dead End hip hop I would like to applaud you guys. You made it. I am aware that you interview other artist such as , killer mike and a few other artist but , RA is a highly respected and underrated mc. And it's good to finally see him get his respect today. Honestly the first time I've heard of RA is bc of you're album review and ever since then I've listen to most of his stuff now. Keep up the good work and keep pushing the envelop . Thanks

  • Raziel Rodriguez
    Raziel Rodriguez 3 года назад

    Love R.A. he bodies anybody he's on a track with.

  • Jagjit5276
    Jagjit5276 6 лет назад

    At first I i thought RA was being overly cautious but as the video went on he grew into it and i thoroughly enjoyed this video, I kind of wished it never ended haha. It went from being a interview to just guys talking about Hip-Hop, I love this channel so so much, keep doing what you're doing please you're teaching young people like me what hip hop is. 

  • Flowdeep
    Flowdeep 5 лет назад


  • 80sKid
    80sKid 6 лет назад

    Realist Hip Hop interview ive ever seen lol, seriously 

  • Jamie Ninety Five
    Jamie Ninety Five 4 года назад

    So true what he said about Jay Z and Kanye. Both very average, mediocre rappers.

  • DizzeeLex91
    DizzeeLex91 6 лет назад

    Im glad that he mentioned Elzhi. Elzhi is soooooo underrated. As far as who is the best lyricist right now? That's up in the air. I would love to see K.Dot go bar for bar with some of the great lyricists in the game like Paz and El. That would be good. He will finally have the competition he has always wanted. Oh El, Where is the damn album?

  • scottsta54
    scottsta54 6 лет назад

    He's like a rapping rocky balboa

  • k2datrack
    k2datrack 6 лет назад

    Regarding what R.A said about top rappers paying close attention to underground rappers, that Em line came to my head

  • Marv
    Marv 6 лет назад

    elzhi would wash kendrick tho lol

    IM ALREADY DEVD 5 лет назад

    to me r a had one of the sickest verses on a song ever.. Uncommon valor was incredible

    BIG MURS 6 лет назад

    such a great guy. so smart, props to you guys for having him on the channel

  • Jemuel Flecha
    Jemuel Flecha 6 лет назад

    i really wish i could meet all of the dead end hip hop foreal