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  • 9 мая 2013 г.

  • Dr. Greenthumb Show with Special Guest R.A. The Rugged Man! @RAtheRuggedMan Check out "The Dr. Greenthumb Show" Live @ http://breal.tv Monday - Friday 4:00 pm pst. Hosted By: B Real of Cypress Hill aka Dr. Greenthumb, Salam Wreck, Duggie The Duche, Lenny Ducano, and Dj Nelz, With revolving Guest Djs: JiJi Sweet, Dj Shiva, Dj Profit and Jay Turner. http://breal.tv @breal.tv


  • BigStiffWilly
    BigStiffWilly Год назад

    "she was 14.... I was 15, 17 or 30 or something"

  • Cultured White Boy
    Cultured White Boy 3 года назад

    I wasn't so sure about R.A. when I first heard him recently. No clue how I never heard of him back in the day, but dude is cool. I'm a fan now.

  • encdee
    encdee 5 лет назад

    For all those wondering, RA doesn't smoke or drink.

  • kerim d
    kerim d 6 лет назад

    b real and ra living legends.real recognize real

  • So Cal
    So Cal 6 лет назад

    Dude on the left is wasted lol. R.A needs to be on the next Cypress Hill

  • John.Lagrutta
    John.Lagrutta 7 лет назад

    Cool shit listening to legends talk about the music industry , I could listen to this shit all day !!

  • Nikolaj Ipsen
    Nikolaj Ipsen 6 лет назад

    Denmark!!! Woooo His right tho.. Danish babes are beautiful!

  • Los The Blind
    Los The Blind 7 лет назад

    What's the lesson for today ruggedman ?

  • Mark Suckaturd
    Mark Suckaturd 2 месяца назад

    HA HA! - They're listening to Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Summertime.

  • MrCoughupalung
    MrCoughupalung 4 года назад

    How did I miss this?

  • twoplustwoisten
    twoplustwoisten 5 лет назад

    we want smoke box episode with R.A 

  • demonhunterC
    demonhunterC 6 лет назад

    why are they skipping ra in the rotation???

  • Jonesizzleful
    Jonesizzleful 4 года назад

    hey B Real, RESPECT for the J Dilla beat

  • 4some2joe0
    4some2joe0 2 месяца назад

    We'll smoke on your behalf

  • 44constantine
    44constantine 7 лет назад

    00:58 Indeed :)

  • Zalo
    Zalo 7 лет назад

    R.A. ft Capaz. big ups from spain and thanks for that awesome feat

  • Pat Bombers
    Pat Bombers 6 лет назад

    RA The Rugged Man, Hand on the mic #HIPHOPSTATEMENT

  • Tommy Dolan
    Tommy Dolan Год назад

    whos the guy put you on! Joe... lol RA cuts it raw... BIG UP NY

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 6 лет назад

    wtf? 19:50 about the blunt changes to a joint? when he ashes it? what is this?

  • Michael Overdahl
    Michael Overdahl 7 лет назад

    Work injury :p