R.A. The Rugged Man: 'Kendrick is Not a Top Five Lyricist' Спампаваць

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  • 11 янв. 2015 г.

  • http://www.vladtv.com -Rapper R.A. The Rugged Man sat down with VladTV exclusively to speak about the state of hip-hop and some of the major differences between mainstream hip-hop music. The New York native disagrees with the majority of people who find today's rap music less than sub-par. He says there's plenty of disappointing acts out, but each era comes with artists who aren't to an individual's liking. He does point out that commercial rappers aren't making impactful music. He gives rappers like J. Cole props for his lyrical ability, but says that Kendrick Lamar isn't at the top of his list. R.A. believes underground artists like King Los have presented the game with better lyrical flows. Rugged Man points out that many record labels want to push out hip-hop music but only to their liking. He makes Pitbull's smash hit, "Timber" featuring Kesha as an example.


  • Tone Riggz
    Tone Riggz 5 лет назад

    Without question, Elzhi is better than Kendrick. And if your first reaction to Elzhi is "Who?", then you're proving R.A.'s point.

  • cesar f
    cesar f 3 года назад

    I think what R.A. Meant to say is that : Kendrick is a lyricist in the mainstream but if he would come and batlle underground cats he wouldnt be on the top

  • mistahmst
    mistahmst 4 года назад

    I can appreciate a rapper who's lyrical, but at the end of the day, what really matters is if you can make great music and lyrics alone aren't enough to carry a song. Guys like A Tribe Called Quest or Snoop Dogg weren't super lyrical, but they made great music and had a sound that nobody had during their era.

  • Wyte Night
    Wyte Night Год назад

    Locksmith OMG, I was just thinking of Locksmith before he said it. Lock could slice and dice Kendrick with one bar.

  • DeepOneForThought
    DeepOneForThought 3 года назад

    Most of this dude's opinions be on point.

  • Hoodie Harrelson
    Hoodie Harrelson 5 лет назад

    Please interview Ra as much as you interview lord jamar.

  • Taktavious Xertoxal
    Taktavious Xertoxal 4 года назад

    I wanna know what people think of Chris River's (Big Pun's son) lyricism

  • B-Mint1994
    B-Mint1994 4 года назад

    Is Kendrick a top 5 lyricist? Nope. But he is a top 5 artist. He's well rounded rapper, a great songwriter and can put together a complete album. That in the long run is better than being just strictly a great lyricist.

  • G Guidarelli
    G Guidarelli 5 лет назад

    If you haven't already listened to RA the Rugged Man's album Legends Never Die- check it out to hear some real lyricism.

  • 0dd daK1D
    0dd daK1D 3 года назад

    FINALLY someone gives respect to Elzhi!!

  • Rolando G
    Rolando G 4 года назад

    He has the point Rugged man has the same mind I have COMMERCIAL IS just putting out lame making in look hot!!

  • Rasta Henkie
    Rasta Henkie 4 года назад

    I agree with him because K.dot is not trying to be a top lyricist but make classic albums.

  • BeauBlaze
    BeauBlaze 3 года назад

    "Top 5 lyricist in the commercial market" Accurate.

  • alma sólido
    alma sólido 4 года назад

    This guy is arguably Rocky Balboa's son

  • Devin Menge
    Devin Menge 3 года назад

    This makes me think of that kanye interview where he was talking about a freestyle battle he lost as a kid, he did this whole lyrical thing & the kid just said "my names Chris, you smell like piss" & everyone died laughing. Simple is better sometimes & if u have no ideas behind the music ur lyricism doesn't mean shit. There's plenty of YouTube artists who have multis & al that but their music is beat

  • Nique Jordan
    Nique Jordan 5 лет назад


  • Carlos Monticello
    Carlos Monticello 4 года назад

    Thank you finally someone that agrees with me lol Kendrick is prob the most overrated dude ever lol its crazy how ppl dixk ride him as a dope mc when hes not

  • Vanocur Edwards
    Vanocur Edwards 5 лет назад

    I agree there is no lyricist that brings a head dropping headache, the market in hip hop went commercial with to many non talented people who are a waste to the world of hip hop, know your history, R.A you always kept it real over a decade plus,some people need to be schooled.

  • King Taylor
    King Taylor 5 лет назад

    Iggy would BODY Kendrick

  • Pervis Cuthbertson
    Pervis Cuthbertson 3 года назад

    I agree, kendrick isn't a top 5 lyricist all-time.