Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in US Спампаваць

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  • 14 янв. 2014 г.

  • Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the United States The video shows the United States' largest shopping malls based on their gross leasable area All images used to create this work were licensed under Creative Commons licenses, Public Domain or GNU Free Documentation Licenses. Credits @ official page: Attribution: *King of Prussia Mall by User:Dough4872, CC BY-SA 3.0 by NASA WorldWind, public domain *Mall of America by appraiser, public domain by René Sinn BILD-BY. *Aventura Mall by AshleySerrate,CC BY-SA 3.0 by Coolcaesar at the English language, CC BY-SA 3.0 *South Coast Plaza by Coolcaesar at en.wikipedia,CC BY-SA 3.0 by Arnold C ,CC BY-SA 3.0 *Del Amo Fashion Center by Coolcaesar at en.wikipedia,CC BY-SA 3.0 *Destiny USA Bear by golden retriever,CC BY-SA 3.0 *Sawgrass Mills by Horst Goertz at wikivoyage shared Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. *The Galleria by Postoak at en.wikipedia ,CC BY-SA 3.0 by Postoak ,CC BY-SA 3.0 *Roosevelt Field Betp at fr.wikipedia, public comain *Woodfield Mall by Scampster,CC BY-SA 2.5 by Joon Han,CC BY-SA 3.0


  • The sprite Is here
    The sprite Is here 3 года назад

    MOA is right next to were I live and when they were adding on hotels They said it was around 4.9 million square feet

  • Delaney Richardson
    Delaney Richardson 2 года назад

    I live a good 20 minutes from KOP, I feel so honored lmao

  • johnna
    johnna 3 года назад

    I feel so honored to live pretty close to KOP Mall!

  • Barbara Fontana
    Barbara Fontana Год назад

    I live so close to destiny!! Its the best, so fun and so many things to go and see!!! Totally recomend!

  • Minnesota Viz
    Minnesota Viz 4 года назад

    bro the mall of america is by far biggest and they are also expanding it as well. but i heard that they are going to build an even bigger one in florida

  • cheyennepug
    cheyennepug 4 года назад

    There's this huge mall me and my family used to go to in Colorado and i always thought it would be on this list.

  • deathbyfoam
    deathbyfoam 4 года назад

    I live near the king of prussia mall and go there often. They are building more onto it currently

  • hannah w
    hannah w 3 года назад

    Just went to woodfeild 😂

  • sweaty4sara
    sweaty4sara 2 года назад

    I remember when I went to KOP mall, my dad gave me 10 dollars to HOLD for a couple of seconds and i remember getting lost so i went to the carousel and spent all the money on that 😂

  • Greenville roblox lover kid love Greenville roblox

    Yee haw minnesota first yay!!!

  • Trevor Hicks
    Trevor Hicks 3 месяца назад

    I live 2 1/2 hours away from the Kop Mall I've visited there 1 time and that was a couple of years ago but the next time that I do visit I'd like to go along on my own without an entourage

  • Maryanne Tapic
    Maryanne Tapic 4 года назад

    Gods, Thank you royally and dearly, I love my Royalist Del Amo Fashion Center Mall for Billion Years. Thanks American great english citizens with every good way. Alot more money to me and us now, for the better of all YOUR hearts, thanks byeee...

  • MrStamford78
    MrStamford78 4 года назад

    Farnborough town centre in England dwarfs any of these!

  • Casvon
    Casvon 4 года назад

    I love going to KOP 😍

  • Dan
    Dan 3 года назад

    I live 30 min from this mall love it got to love the expansion and starbucks

  • Matt C.
    Matt C. 2 года назад

    Galleria Dallas is so much bigger than Roosevelt field, why didn’t that make the list 🤔

  • JAGS The gamer13
    JAGS The gamer13 1 месяц назад

    I love going to Sawgrass mills

  • Jeremy Gorelick
    Jeremy Gorelick 2 года назад

    I live 2 minutes from Roosevelt field

  • lep
    lep Год назад

    I was just a KOP yesterday xD

  • Just Cade
    Just Cade 4 года назад

    Concord Mills in Charlotte is massive. Almost 2 million sq ft.